The Professionals

We have brought on board a number of professionals to help us carry out our community archaeology project.

We have Dr Catherine Parker Heath of Enrichment Through Archaeology, an archaeologist and educator, who is our project manager overseeing the whole thing.

We have Dr Simon Harris, who is our historian, an expert in the Medieval period. He is has been making sense of the myriad of documents that mention Whitle in some way, with the help of a number of enthusiastic volunteers.

We have Phil Chambers, who is our accessibility consultant and trainer, who gave us a multitude of ideas about how we could make our project as accessible as possible.

We have Dave and Doreen Graham, who are our photographers. They have been documenting many aspects of the project. Not just the archaeology but the people, the drama, and the excitement!

We have Dr Steve Malone, of Trent and Peak Archaeology (TPA), who has been in charge of undertaking our geophysics and directing the excavation of and around the cellar with the help of other staff at TPA.

We have Dr Ian Parker Heath of Enrichment Through Archaeology, who undertook the tape and offset survey and directed the excavation of other trenches.

We have Dr Bill Bevan and Georgia Litherland of inHeritage, who are our experts in interpreting heritage. They are in the process of designing and providing content for displays, a trail, and interpretation panels as well as helping school children create a comic all about what we find.

A Community Archaeology Project At Under Whitle