The Survey

The archaeological surveys took place between Thursday 10th March and Saturday 19th March 2016.  There was also an Open Day on Saturday 19th March where visitors found out about the surveying process and the history we had gathered so far.

We used three (or strictly speaking, four) different forms of survey:  geophysics (resistivity, magnetometry); tape and offset; and LIDAR.

Lumps and bumps that have been surveyed at Under Whitle
Some of the lumps and bumps that have been surveyed at Under Whitle

Whilst these methods are very different in the way they are carried out, they all had the same aim – to assess the nature of the archaeology at Under Whitle (both the lumps and bumps we could already see, as well as any hidden archaeology) and to help us decide where the best places to excavate were.

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Tape and Offset survey




A Community Archaeology Project At Under Whitle