Now that all the fieldwork is completed and the finds have been analysed we have been trying to work out what it all means.

Georgia Litherland, of inHeritage, and Catherine, our project manager, have worked with primary school children and Sally Jane Thompson, a local artist, to create a historic comic themed on the Under Whitle discoveries. It is full of puzzles, activities and fascinating information and can be found here along with all the answers!

Bill Bevan, also of inHeritage, is currently working on a new interpretative trail across the site for people to explore the heritage for themselves, using information panels.  We’ll also be taking all the evidence on tour, delivering a series of talks and exhibitions in local towns and villages. Future school groups will be able to make use of a resource pack of educational activities to find out about Whitle, both on site and in the comfort of their classrooms.

All the discoveries will be archived at Under Whitle, or at the Potteries Musuem, Stoke and the records will be archived on the Staffordshire Historic Environment Record (HER).  Of course we’ll also be updating this website with all our finds.

We are also planning to publish a book on the project. Well, two in fact. There will be one about the project in general, but also one dedicated to the Graveyard Survey and in particular the verses on the gravestones.

A Community Archaeology Project At Under Whitle