The Site and Location

PLEASE NOTE:  Now that the project has ended public access is only available to the self guided trail The trail descends the track to Whitle described below and then crosses grassy fields with slopes and terrain that may be difficult for people in wheelchairs or with mobility problems.  If you would like to visit the site but are concerned about whether the terrain is suitable for you please contact us for advice or assistance.

The accessibility statement below was provided to help visitors during the course of the project.

Accessibility Statement

You may be wondering what Under Whitle Farm is like, whether it will be suitable for you to visit and whether you will get something out of attending the Open Day on Sunday 16th July, 2017 or self-guided trail that will soon be in place. Hopefully, the following will help you to decide:

The track from the road past the farmhouse and to the Studio, the nerve-centre of the project, is relatively steep but it is possible to bring a vehicle down as long as it is a minibus or smaller.

The Track
The track looking up towards the farmhouse

We have a dedicated disabled parking space close to the The Studio, which has an accessible ramp leading up to it:

Testing the New Ramp
Phil Chambers testing the new ramp

We have accessible toilet facilities in the Studio. We have tents and marquees and have and will provide seating when and wherever you might need it.

We have exhibits and artefacts in the Studio that are easily accessible and which you will be able to handle.

However, the interpretation boards that will be in place to explain what we found in the trenches will be in the fields. When it is dry this might not cause problems for wheelchairs to those parts that are relatively flat, but if it rains then it might prove difficult for days afterwards, depending on the type of wheelchair.

View of Possible House Platform Site
View across one of the fields and location of possible house platform of Trench 3

We also intend to set up talking tiles that will give an audio description of what is on the interpretation boards.

We hope this information helps.

If you have any questions about accessibility, please contact us.

A Community Archaeology Project At Under Whitle